Anti-Theft Policy: Protecting the Industry and Upholding Ethical Standards

At 366 Processing Services, we are committed to maintaining the integrity of the catalytic converter industry and operating with the highest level of ethical business practices. Catalytic converter theft has become a significant issue in recent years, requiring industry leaders like us to take a proactive stance against illegal activities. We have implemented an Anti-Theft Policy to prevent the sale or purchase of stolen converters and to ensure that our clients engage in lawful practices.

Zero Tolerance for Theft or Unlawful Purchase

We maintain a zero tolerance policy for theft or attempted sale of stolen converters, as well as the unlawful purchase of converters. We are dedicated to working with legitimate businesses that comply with all legal requirements and possess the proper documentation. Our commitment to maintaining ethical standards extends not only to our clients but also to the industry as a whole.

Responsible Client Onboarding and Verification

We prioritize responsible client onboarding to ensure that we partner with legitimate businesses that adhere to the law. As part of our onboarding process, we require clients to provide certain documentation, including a business license that may encompass state, city, and county licenses. We also request valid photo IDs of all business owners and may conduct site visits or verifications to validate the authenticity of the business. Understanding our clients is essential to us, as it allows us to establish trust and confidence in their commitment to purchasing converters legally and with proper documentation.

Anti-Money Laundering Screening and Ongoing Due Diligence

To further prevent onboarding clients with a history of financial crimes or adverse media surrounding catalytic converters, we conduct Anti-Money Laundering Screening (AML) as part of our onboarding process. This screening helps us identify any potential risks and ensure that we engage with reputable businesses. Our screenings are ongoing throughout our business relationship, and we proactively contact clients before the expiration of their documents to request updated information. We understand that negative media does not always indicate a crime, and we are open to receiving additional information or proof regarding any circumstances that require further details.

Compliance with State Laws and OECD Guidelines

At 366 Processing Services, we prioritize compliance with state laws and regulations governing the catalytic converter industry. We strive to stay informed about the ever-changing legal landscape and are committed to directing our clients to the proper resources to maintain compliance. While we provide guidance on state-to-state regulations, we encourage our clients to consult with independent legal professionals to verify the compliance information we share. Our buying tools are designed to assist with compliance and data recording, enabling you to store proof of each transaction and client.

Supporting a Positive Industry Image

Our goal at 366 Processing Services is to uphold the reputation of the catalytic converter industry, ensuring it remains free from negative media and false perceptions. We aim to prevent individuals from engaging in unlawful activities while supporting those who wish to purchase converters lawfully within the boundaries of the law. Furthermore, we actively participate in shaping legislation that promotes the growth and sustainability of the catalytic converter market.

Choose 366 Processing Services: Commitment to Integrity and Responsibility

When you choose 366 Processing Services, you align yourself with a company that values integrity, responsibility, and the ethical conduct of business. We are dedicated to protecting the industry, supporting compliance efforts, and fostering a positive environment for legitimate businesses to thrive. Join us in promoting a reputable and law-abiding catalytic converter industry.

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